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What is wrong with self-healing?

Nothing. The human body has an amazing capacity for healing itself. In today’s emphasis on natural medicine, there are several schools of thought promoting self-healing on all levels, whether it be a simple bruise or cut or a deeper psychological or physical trauma. In physiotherapy we assist the body to heal itself without the use of drugs to achieve optimum results.

Why self-healing following injury is not enough:

  1. Normal blood flow is dependent on muscle activity, which means more than just wiggling the toes or fingers. Physiotherapists can teach you effective exercises to regain adequate muscle strength and promote healthy blood flow.
  2. Scar tissue formation that takes place during healing causes restriction of movement and loss of flexibility in joints. Physiotherapists are trained in helping you regain full flexibility through specific stretching and mobilisation techniques.
  3. Pain from the trauma can lead to overprotection of the affected part which can lead to deformity or contractures. Therefore, the sooner the pain is resolved and stretching exercises begun, the sooner active movement can be restored.
  4. Without physiotherapy, strength may be slow to return because the patient lacks the knowledge and skill to perform the types of movement necessary to restore strength.
  5. Physiotherapy treatment is highly effective in reducing inflammation and relieving pain which will accelerate your rate of healing.

Where there is muscle, tendon, bone, ligament or nerve involvement, your best bet would be to see a physiotherapist rather than self heal.


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